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Let’s talk about evolution and biology!

Fun Facts (1)

After a couple of serious topics, let’s have a bit of FUN!!! Nature is amazing and surprising!!! In biology we have a saying: “Nothing makes sense in Biology except in the light of Evolution” (Dobzhansky). This is the reason I became an evolutionary biologist, I wanted to understand how such wonders have been made possible.…

Is Evolution just a Theory?!!

Many people still believe evolution just to be a theory! Are they right? And if not why? What is evolution? The term evolution comes from a Latin word ‘evolutio’ meaning the act of unrolling (of a book) and has been used to describe gradual changes in opposition to revolution which stands for sudden changes. So…

Before Jumping into the Pool!

What is science relying on? What is its foundation and history? Why should we believe in science? Is it highly corrupted and based on who pays win? Let’s see …. In the last year with the COVID situation, science has been put in the front line of the news and many scientists were put on…

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